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FOCUS catches up with Dean Hanson of the Brisbane based pop band, who are embarking on their biggest regional tour to date, The Good Good Mood Tour.  

Hi Dean. Congratulations on achieving the group’s biggest year yet, being voted as triple j’s listeners’ Number 1# Album of 2018 for fifth album Good Mood and reaching a milestone 400 gigs across a solid 10 year career. How are you feeling about your success? 

Really good. Having your music recognised in listener polls is always great, and especially being recognised for having a good album and not just an individual song is awesome. We’re stoked with where things are at. From the start we always said it was important to us to have a long career and to keep working hard on releasing music. The way people have responded for a decade now makes us really proud. We’re very excited about what’s ahead and feel like we’ve got a great platform now for the future.

You also opened 2019 on a career high, with anthem The Perfect Life Does Not Exist entering triple j’s Hottest 100 countdown at #39. This takes Ball Park Music’s all time tally to nine song entries. This is such a great track! Tell us about some of the other songs on the album that resonate with you.

Thanks so much! I actually did a bit more writing on this album, and The Perfect Life Does Not Exist is the first time I’ve ever written a major part of a song that we’ve released as a single, so of course I was super stoked about the response the track received. I also co-wrote the songs If It Kills You and I Am So In Love With You with Sam Cromack (fellow band member) so I’m personally proud of those songs. I love the album as a whole though; we’ve always been an eclectic band across albums. I love our diversity, and I think we will try to embrace that even more on what we do next.

As a band, you’ve worked together for a decade now and must have different strengths as individuals. What’s something quirky we might not know about each of you?

We definitely all bring a different strength to the group. Daniel Hanson is great at offering both negative and positive points of view when we’re making decisions. Jenifer Boyce is the most organised and extremely good at meeting fans and new people. Paul Furness is incredible

at knowing information and statistics about our career. He literally has spreadsheet recordings of every show we’ve ever played. Sam Cromack is the best at bringing us all together whenever we might be fed up or frustrated with something. He always brings things back into perspective, and he’s also an incredible songwriter and compassionate human. And I guess, I’m probably the most punctual!

As a group you have made a point of wanting to be accessible for audiences in regional areas that don’t necessarily get to experience live music as much as metro locations. Why is it important for you to include another regional tour this year?

We owe so much of our career to the people of Australia. Every place we’ve ever played in this country has welcomed us with such warmth and enthusiasm, that it’s almost addictive. After a decade of performing, we can’t help but think that there might be a person in a town like Port Macquarie that has been listening to us since they were 10 years old but have never had a chance to see us play, and that’s what makes us most excited to get to all corners of the country where possible. 

Going forward, what’s on the horizon for the band?

We’re already deep into writing mode for the next album and have a bunch of demos that we’ve recorded, so I think sometime soon we’ll start really digging into the next release. We’ve got some plans to hit the studio shortly. Maybe there will be a new song to play on our next tour!

Thanks Dean.

Interview: Sarah Dunstan.

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