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The award-winning international smash hit comedy, Celebrity Autobiography, will visit the Glasshouse direct from the Sydney Opera House this February. Mikey Robins tells us about the show.



You’re visiting Port Macquarie in February for the Celebrity Autobiography show. Tell us about the concept and how it works …
It is basically using the own words of celebrities against them (laughs). It is amazing what really famous people will put in print about themselves.

There is a cast of 5 or 6 of us, including James O’Loghlin and Fiona O’Loughlin.

So how did you become involved?
They asked me! It was just one of those things … nothing much happens in January in TV, radio etc. or with the corporate work. I used to go on holidays in January, but my agent called me and said to have a look at this show. I Googled it, saw some of the stuff that was happening in New York, he asked if I wanted to do it, so I said: “Yep”!

There have been some great reviews for the shows in New York, haven’t there?
It has run for 3 years sold out in New York.

Tell us about some of the autobiographies you will be reading from, and who’ll we’ll be laughing at.
We are basically just reading from their words and as I say … you can’t make this s**t up!

I get to be Ricky Martin, Richard Willkins, William Shatner, and bizarrely enough, Carol Channing … plus others.

And which celebrity has made you laugh the most on reading from their autobiography?
Oohhh … Ricky Martin! He’s exceptional.

You see, Ricky has two characters in his head … there’s Ricky and there’s Kicky, who argues with Ricky (laughs).

You cannot believe how self obsessed these people can be. And as I said … I mean, these are the kind of thoughts you should maybe tell a psychiatrist or a priest, but they choose to put them in print.

I think Jeremy Sims is reading from Justin Bieber’s, I mean … shouldn’t you at least go through puberty first before writing an auto biography?

How does the show play out on stage? Is it just reading from the books?
Well yes, there is reading, but with some of these autobiographies you get two different celebrities recalling the same event, so they cut into each other.

Wayne Harrison is putting together the script and is directing it, and he has made it more of a theatrical piece than the New York show.

Who will enjoy the show?
Oh well, anyone who likes to laugh at famous people.

I got the script last week and I have read it a few times – and I still laugh out loud in parts of it.

Having done a lot of radio, TV and stage shows, what do you enjoy doing most?
Well, it is all the same job. It’s all just making up stuff really and hoping people laugh. And any day that I am on a TV stage or live stage with Paul McDermont is going to be a good day – he is the best!

Thanks Mikey.

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