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Author of Domestic Violence – Changing Culture, Saving Lives, Lisa McAdams will be a guest speaker at our local International Women’s Day event. Lisa is passionate about creating Safe Space Workplaces …

Lisa, could you please introduce yourself and explain how you became passionate about domestic violence and gender equality…

When I left my abusive relationship, I had lost everything – my career, my income and my sense of self. I had no money, and it took me a long time to rebuild my life. The work I do in workplaces means workplaces can create an environment where employees going through domestic family violence (DFV) will get the appropriate support.

This means they will have career and financial stability which lessens the devastating impact of DFV and gives them an opportunity to rebuild their lives from a position of support and continuity of employment, helping with their sense of self, sense of belonging and lessening the financial impact.

What is a Safe Space Workplace?

Safe Space Workplace is a domestic family violence (DFV) workplace training program to educate workplaces of the complexities of DFV, spotting the signs, boundaries and how to support employees impacted by DFV.

This program helps create an environment where employees can be “comfortable being uncomfortable being uncomfortable” when discussing this distressing issue, because understanding builds empathy, rather than sympathy, and we can build trust and a safe workplace when we come from a place of empathy.

Lisa, you will be joining our International Women’s Day event as guest speaker. What are you looking forward to about the event? What does International Women’s Day mean to you?

For me on IWD I look to the support I received when leaving my abusive relationship and the opportunities that have allowed me to build my business, and I am thankful for all the women and men who over the last hundred years have made it possible for me to not only survive, but thrive.

Can you give us your thoughts on the theme for this year and how it integrates with your work/life “balance for better”?

For me it is about being and feeling enough. As a woman I have had to work harder and smarter to gain ground in my business; as a survivor I feel a lot of pressure to pay it forward. #Balance for Better is about taking time out for me, so I can be and do better.

You have a lot to share. What knowledge will you be sharing with delegates at the event?

I will be sharing about the complexities of DFV beyond what we see in the media, creating a safe space, the importance of boundaries, and three simple things a business can do to support an employee going through DFV at no cost.

Thanks Lisa.

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