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The Aussie Rock Extravaganza concert in Coffs Harbour features a massive line-up of Rock royalty: Jimmy Barnes, with special guests Baby Animals, Ian Moss, Dragon and Chocolate Starfish. This is the biggest line-up The Red Hot Summer Tour has put together yet, making this undoubtedly one of the biggest concert experiences on the Australian touring circuit.

>Not only is the 2013 Red Hot Summer Tour bringing a bigger line-up of five huge Australian legendary rock artists, but it is also spreading its wings further afield by incorporating these special tour dates throughout New South Wales and Queensland. Add to this the fact that tickets start from just $79.90 (+BF) and the 2013 The Red Summer Tour Aussie Rock Extravaganza is the perfect family festival event.

Jimmy Barnes needs no introduction to Aussie audiences. As a legend both from his time fronting Cold Chisel and his top charting solo career, Barnes has toured the breadth of Australia. With 16 solo albums under his belt, he has an enviable back catalogue that makes for incredible live performances, with songs like Working Class Man, When Your Love Is Gone and No Second Prize, to name a few. Jimmy Barnes has headlined The Red Hot Summer Tour in previous years and is back by popular demand for the 2013 massive Aussie Rock Extravaganza. Following on from his busy year touring back with Cold Chisel, The Red Hot Summer Tour concerts are a chance for Rock fans to see Jimmy Barnes at his best and enjoy an extensive catalogue which has made him an icon in the Australian music scene.

Other acts include the Baby Animals, who burst onto the Australian scene in the 1990s with a solid Rock force and a sassy lead singer. Suze Demarchi proved that girls could Rock just as hard as guys, and the Baby Animals soon kicked some impressive Rock butt with hits such as Rush You, Early Warning and One Word. The band recently reformed, and their inclusion on the Red Hot Summer Tour line-up is a rare chance for music fans to see an original Rock at its best.

Another legendary member of Cold Chisel joins the 2013 Red Hot Summer Tour to showcase his own versatile music career. Ian Moss is without doubt one of the country’s most prolific guitarists. His own solo career has seen him release hits such as Telephone Booth and Tucker’s Daughter, as well as traverse the Blues Rock genre with releases that have seen him become a festival favourite.

When it comes to iconic bands, Dragon has a long history with Aussie music fans. Moving from New Zealand to Australia in the 1970s, the Kiwi-come-Aussie band made an indelible mark, and their music captured the hearts of a generation.

For music lovers looking for a special bit of concert showmanship, then they’re in for a real treat, as Chocolate Starfish take to the stage. Fronted by the enigmatic Adam Thompson, the band is known for their high energy live performances.

Before the big Show in Coffs Harbour, FOCUS managed to catch up with headline act Jimmy Barnes for a quick chat.

Where were you born, and when did you migrate to Australia? Why Australia?

Born in Glasgow, Scotland, I weighed 14 pounds and was born fighting. We left Scotland because the people were too quiet and reserved.

Have you spent much time  on the Coffs Coast throughout your career? What do you like about Coffs Harbour? I have been run out of Coffs many times. It’s a great town, and I’ve played many wild gigs there.

Tell us all about the exciting new show, The Red Hot Summer Tour? 

This tour is the kind of tour that just seems to get better every show. I think that the quality of bands make each band work harder and demand more from themselves.

The Red Hot Summer Tour is the biggest regional show to come to Coffs Harbour in a long time; this really is a once in a life time opportunity to see so many acts under the one umbrella …

Get yourself to the show and if you don’t like it, you’ve gone to the wrong show. We work off an audience, so come on and give us a push.

What are the most important things you’ve learnt in your epic career?

If you don’t feel that you are completely drained by the end of the show, you didn’t give enough.

What is there left for you that you’d like to achieve, but haven’t accomplished yet?

Maybe if I play my cards right, I could become a decent human.

What is the song Flame Trees about?

Going back to where you grew up and not feeling that you belong there, or maybe anywhere.

Who is your favourite ever collaboration? With my daughter, Mahalia. She scares me sometimes, when I think about how fast she gets better and better.

Where are you currently living? Do you have any pets?

153 Bankstown Road … Oh sorry, that’s some other singer. I live in Sydney; I have two dogs and a hedgehog.

What book are you currently reading?

The Road Less Travelled. I started reading it about 30 years ago.

If you could pick three people to have a beer with, who would they be and why?

Me, my wife, and some jerk we could lose quickly and be alone.

Last meal would be? A degustation meal from a really good but awfully slow restaurant.

Why should we come to your show?

We play real music for real people.

Any final words?

Big Banana!

Thanks Jimmy.



The Red Hot Summer Tour 2013 Aussie Rock Extravaganza tickets are on sale now. Tickets start from $79.90 (+BF). This tour will sell-out, don’t miss your chance to see this incredible line-up of Australian music legends all in the one huge show.

Tickets are avalable from

Ticketmaster on 136100 or visit www.ticketmaster.com.au

Or at www.oztix.com.au

This article can be found in issue 89 of Greater Port Macquarie Focus


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