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Greg Trembath answers your real estate questions.

Q.We have decided to sell our home and have received conflicting advice from agents on the best way to market it. When we last sold about ten years ago, the only place we advertised was in the local paper. Our son thinks listing online is all that is needed nowadays. What do you think?

A: Property marketing methods have developed a great deal. Your son is correct in highlighting the importance of a strong online presence.

Real estate print advertising is still significant, so to ignore this medium would reduce your exposure to some buyers.

You certainly do not need to spend large amounts of money. The key to successful property marketing is to attract and influence the right buyers and to minimise your selling costs.

Today, online advertising is an important part of the marketing mix for most vendors. It’s an effective way to target local buyers, investors and those looking to move to the area.

Many potential buyers will make an online visit to your home – in fact, an online inspection is often the first inspection a buyer will make of a property.

Make sure you maximise the visual appeal of your property for both print and online. Professional, powerful photography is a must and will be central to converting casual interest into action.

An increasing number of potential buyers also search property websites from their mobile phone, so make sure your property is featured with a compatible application.

Rest assured, while real estate marketing has changed, it does not have to be complicated or expensive. Good marketing starts with creative ideas and ends with great service – and that hasn’t changed.

Answers are general comment, and readers should always seek their own independent professional advice.

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Greg Trembath is Principal/Licensee at Greg Trembath Real Estate.
Licensed Real Estate Agent – Licensed Auctioneer.

This story was published in issue 78 of Port Macquarie Focus 

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