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Recently featured on MTV, Channel V and Rage, Aqwa is bringing her original sound to numerous venues on the Mid North Coast in October.

Where are you from, and how have you paved your way in the music industry?

Originally, I was from a little country town called Upper Lansdowne, but am now living on a small coastal headland named Crowdy Head.

I started taking singing and songwriting classes at age 13 (eight years ago now!) and fully engaged myself in the music industry at 18 years of age. During this time, I have been lucky enough to have released a 5-Track-EP, Human and also a debut single, Numb.

Just last year, I was given the opportunity to meet, greet and talk business with a highly-valued manager in the music industry, who also manages/managed Tina Arena, Rick Price, Richard Wilkins, Kate Cebrano, Vanessa Amorosi, Jon Stevens and so many more. Last year also brought me to the introduction of marketing managers, who have worked alongside artists such as Billy Idol, Bob Dylan, Coldplay, Madonna, Nickelback, The Police, Pearl James, Red Hot Chilli Peppers and many more, allowing me the opportunity to be featured on MTV, Rage, Channel V and gave me nationwide radio airplay – I am very blessed and grateful.

How would you describe your style and sound?

Quite raw and honest. I believe in showing character and individualism through original pieces and live performances.

Writing your own original songs, what influences your music today?

I genuinely write about stories, experiences and emotions that I have felt – both physically and emotionally in my short time of being alive so far – ha ha! I am a true believer in storytelling with definition and meaning, rather than a piece of music with no personal experience, which I believe is now starting to creep into the commercial market of late.

How have you created a distinct style with your alluring new EP, Human?

Human was released when I was 17 years of age – based on the concept of being human, including subjects such as love, travel, individualism etc. I thoroughly enjoyed putting this EP together at this age, as it introduced me to different recording studios, engineers and producers and also introduced me to what it was like to film a clip for my single off the EP, Me – Shot underwater and on a couple of different headlands using drones, diving gear, costuming and just so many aspects of this industry that no one really considers or even thinks about. Super grateful for all the amazing people who have helped and guided me to gain this accomplishment.

You have provided major touring support for artists including Toni Childs, Karise Eden and Thirsty Merc – what has been a highlight for you?

I think the highlight was definitely the Toni Childs East Coast Tour back in 2014. This was five shows in five days and for me, felt unreal to be touring with such an incredible artist and crew.

What do you love about playing local gigs, and where will you be performing on the Mid North Coast in October?

I have been playing live shows along the East Coast for around one and a half to two years now, and the support and love that has been given and received at live shows is absolutely incredible. The people you meet (both the publicans and even the working staff) have been nothing but supportive and beautiful to me as an artist, and I generally am so thankful for all the venues that have allowed me to play 200+ shows over this period of time!

Throughout October, I am playing as far up as Ballina and down to Sydney, but mainly focused on Port Macquarie in venues such as The Beach House, ZEBU Bar & Grill, The Pier, and The Black Duck Brewery. Would absolutely love to see you there.

With commercial airplay on Channel V and Rage already, what exciting things are in the future for Aqwa?

I am currently in and out of the studio completing some new original material, working with some great engineers to create a sound that I feel is very new to what has been released before. I think now that I am getting older, my music is becoming much more personal, and what I feel is letting everyone into my little world.

Thank you so much to everyone for all the beautiful smiles, comments, feedback and genuine support. Be sure to follow AQWA on Facebook for all show dates and genuine artist life.

Thanks AQWA.

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