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Angie McMahon is quickly gathering a reputation for moving audiences with her soulful ruminations on life, love and takeaway food. Angie’s honest songwriting and romantic melodies cover the full dynamic spectrum, shifting between gravelly intimacy and pounding rock. FOCUS was lucky enough to catch up with Angie in the lead up to her performance at this year’s Festival of the Sun …

How did you develop your musical style, and who is your muse?

I think by spending a lot of time by myself, indulging in the things I loved. Singing along to CDs and the radio and trying to make myself sound as good as what I heard, that kind of thing. I don’t know who my muse is … I’m really inspired by Bruce Springsteen in a lot of ways!

Since the release of your first single, you haven’t stopped gaining momentum. Is this an organic feeling for you, or has it been overwhelming?

Ummm … I think both! I feel lucky to have such a genuine building audience – people who connect with the songs and then come to gigs and then come to the next gig and listen to the next song; that feels organic. But it’s entirely surreal to have attention that I’m not used to, and I’ve been overwhelmed for at least 12 months now. I’m just trying to ride the wave. I am very grateful.

Tell us about the writing process for you. Where do you seek inspiration, and what do you write about?

I write in lots of different ways. I find diary entries or pages of rambling about my experiences really therapeutic, and sometimes I come back to those for song ideas. I make lots of notes in my phone, when I feel like I’m on a thought path that has brought me closure or understanding about something, then I jot it down and maybe write a mini poem or something … Or sometimes I just sit at an instrument and pour something out. Voice memos are handy. I think I just write about what’s in my head, what is important to me.

What have been some highlights for you from the past couple of years?

Releasing music for the first time, and the lovely feedback that has come back from that. Building my music team/family with my manager, band, sound engineer, etc., and getting to work with so many lovely people. Also, playing some really special gigs, all very different and humbling.

You’re on the bill for this year’s Festival of the Sun. Have you been before? What do you enjoy about playing festival stages?

I’m so excited! I’ve never been. I can’t wait. I like that there are people from places I have never visited and we all share this outdoor music experience together. Like, whether it rains or we all burn in 40 degrees or whatever, everyone’s united in the festival vibe. I’ve seen lots of butts at festivals lately. People are wearing less clothes. It’s a bit wild!

If you could collaborate and make music with anyone past or present, who would it be and why?

I’ve gotta say Bruce. His book, Born to Run made me want to hang out with him and learn some magic.

What’s next for you and your music?

We are working on the release plan for my first album, which is all finished, so making sure we do that as best we can! Then hopefully lots more gigs and travels and writing of songs. I just wanna keep writing.

Thanks Angie.



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