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If you’ve ever flown to Sydney for a concert or sporting event … or if you’ve travelled overseas, you’ll recognise that flying and dealing with the hustle and bustle at the airport can be a stressful experience.

Alliance Airlines’ Chief Executive Officer, Lee Schofield suggests an alternative, and potentially more user-friendly experience. Operating flights from Port Macquarie to Brisbane six times a week, Lee says the advantages of travelling north are numerous …

Alliance Airlines currently operates flights from Port Macquarie to Brisbane. How many days a week is this service available?

Alliance Airlines operates six weekly services between Port Macquarie and Brisbane. We are pleased with the support we have received from the community since we commenced flights in mid-2017. 

We are committed to working alongside Council, tourism bodies and the community to ensure the flights continue. We regularly receive positive feedback about our jet service (the only regular jet operating into Port Macquarie), our on-time performance and the great service offered on board by our crew.

What type of aircraft is used for this service (and what are its best features)?

Alliance Airlines operates a Fokker 70 aircraft between Port Macquarie and Brisbane. 

The Fokker 70 is a high quality jet aircraft that provides excellent field and climb performance and overall fuel burn that is optimal for high cycle operations. 

The long range capability enables the delivery of non-stop services from the east to west coasts of Australia. The cabin offers up to 80 all economy seating configuration and is equipped with a downward opening door with integral stairs, providing maximum operational flexibility.

Many people in Port Macquarie travel to Sydney for major sporting events, concerts or holidays. Why would you encourage these travellers to consider Brisbane as a viable alternative destination?

Brisbane hosts many major concerts, shows and major sporting events and has plenty of great shopping options as well. Access to these events is far easier in Brisbane, with better traffic, consistently great weather and cheaper accommodation. 

Combined with the Alliance Airlines’ jet service and additional holiday opportunities with the Gold and Sunshine Coasts a short distance away, we believe Brisbane is the best and most economical alternative for a trip away to the “big smoke”.

Brisbane also offers a range of international flight connections to destinations around the world, including some that are not available via Sydney. 

Feedback from passengers is that transferring flights in Brisbane is easier and a less stressful experience compared with Sydney Airport. 

Alliance Airlines’ International Add-on Fare, exclusively available via local travel agencies in Port Macquarie and the surrounding region, makes this option even cheaper and easier than before. 

Fares start at $99, offering increased flexibility and a large baggage allowance. Alliance is able to offer exclusive discounted rates at Brisbane Airport hotels if passengers need or want to stay overnight before leaving Australia, or on their return.

 Alliance also offers a similar fare for any Port Macquarie residents travelling to Brisbane to join a cruise.

Where can we find out more info about flights between Port Macquarie and Brisbane?

Please visit your local travel agent or book online at 

For enquiries, contact the Alliance Airlines team at

Thanks Lee.

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