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Corey Enfield from Soul Surfing, Wayne Dean from Stand Up Paddle and Damion Treloar from  Wedge Surf School have all come together as internationally accredited Adventure Sports Instructors. If you’ve always been a bit apprehensive about learning to surf or stand up paddle, this summer might be your time to give it a go.

Corey Enfield –  Soul Surfing.

Tell us about your background in surfing?

I was born and bred in Manly and frequented the beach from an early age. I took up surfing at 14yrs and was hooked from my first wave, a feeling I will never forget. Surfing has always been about fun and enjoyment to me. After surfing around Australia and parts of the world its really special being able to go surfing with my wife and kids. Port Macquarie offers us the perfect playground to assist our students into a happy surfing future.

What do you offer through Soul Surfing?

We offer people the chance to experience what the whole surfing lifestyle has to offer. We can start you with a single surf lesson or join a beginners program short or long term. We have a big focus on Ocean Education but at the same time make sure that the fun and excitement is sky high. We’ve developed teaching methods that work quickly and effectively so this happens. This is what we do best. From there we can help you as far as you want to go with your skills, assist you with equipment or even make you a custom surfboard. I don’t know of any other coaches who can teach, watch, listen and then shape a board for you.

What are the benefits of surfing?

Health, fitness and general wellbeing are the big ones. There are not too many sports that are as fun as surfing that revitalise you or make you feel alive and invigorated.

Why did you decide to join forces with Damion and Wayne?

We each run small businesses of really high quality and the benefits to our existing and future students are endless. We are all accredited instructors with ASI, Adventure Sports Instructors. We really wanted to come together to promote the fact that ASI is the only internationally accredited system that governs surfing and SUP. They lead the world in their coaching and education standards

Damion treloar – Wedge Surf School.

What do you offer at Wedge?

Wedge surf and SUP school operates from South West rocks, Hat Head, Arakoon for surfing and stand up paddle boarding and we have recently included Kempsey river park for stand up paddle boarding as well. The main objectives  of our surf and sup programs is education and water safety, we have a lot of people these days who can’t even swim, so we blend in personal water safety during our paddle boarding or surfing lessons.

We are now carry a full range of SUP boards for customers to try catering for all disciplines of this fast growing sport. Add to this our quiver of soft surfboards and SUPS which are perfect for Kids and beginners alike and take out the fear of injury during the early stages of learning to surf, making it as easy and fun for everyone to get up an catch that first wave.

What is coming up for summer at Wedge?

Through summer we will be operating the paddle board hire and lessons at Arakoon, South West Rocks where people learn the basic skills on how to control, turn and paddle the boards. From that people can book one of our new range of paddle board tours, these relaxing paddles give clients the chance to check out the natural beauty of our waterways whilst enjoy the wildlife both about and underneath the boards, it’s just fantastic .

Australia day there will be a family paddle day and kids races with prizes and goody bags for every competitor.

For more serious competitors. The Lost Supa stand up paddle race day on the river at Gladstone, which will include a 4km paddle, 2km paddle and a 500m dash for cash. that will be taking place in February next year through SUP Australia, keep your eye out for dates of this event..

Wayne Dean – Stand Up Paddle Port Macquarie.

What do you offer at Stand up Paddle Port Macquarie?

We offer stand up paddle boarding on the river, everything from private lessons to groups. We show you all the basics of balance, strength and core fitness, manoeuvring the board and becoming confident enough to work your way up to a 2 or 3 hour paddle tour. We take from 1 to 8 people at a time, sunset paddles, stand up paddle fitness training, parties and corporate days.

Tell us about your surfing background.

I have a long boarding background, and used to ride competition until I injured my knee, which is why I got into stand up paddle. It is great for people with sore backs, legs, necks and other injuries. Stand up paddle boarding is one of the fastest growing sports on the planet, it isn’t restricted to age or level of fitness, from young kids to the elderly it is fun for all ages.

What are the benefits of stand up paddle?

Balance, strength and core fitness, while paddling on the river you will see schools of fish and a variety of marine life. If you are lucky enough when you come paddling with us you will see dolphins and turtles, and we take you to private locations on the river, show you where Osprey eagles live and nest.

Summer of Funa new initiative by ASI – setting the world standard in adventure sports education.

The Summer of Fun involves 4 different programs: Girls Get into Surfing on 1 – 2 December, Girls Get into Stand Up Paddle 8 – 9 December, Guys Get into Surfing 23 – 24 February 2013 and Guys Get into Stand Up Paddle 9 – 10 March 2013. It is a great new initiative by ASI. For anyone wanting to go, certainly if you have never tried surf or sup, these programs are the perfect opportunity to try it. All ages are welcome and all equipment is provided.

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