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For a visually stunning performance that features strength, coordination and flexibility, visit the Glasshouse on July 14 to experience Polesque. One of the talented performers, Suzie Q, gives us an overview …



How did you start learning pole dancing?

I began pole dancing when I was working in a Gentleman’s Club in 2000. I had a background in gymnastics – so hanging around upside down felt quite natural to me! I was also working as an aerobics instructor at the time (I was part of the Aerobics Oz Style team). When the first pole studio opened up in Australia, I was lucky enough to get a job there as a teacher. I now own my own school in Western Sydney – Suzie Q Pole Studio.

How much training do you have to do to stay in top condition?

Because of my schedule, I end up doing some kind of ‘training’ every day – between teaching, rehearsing and performing, I’m kept pretty active. Keeping fit and healthy is really important to me, so I’m really lucky to have a job that essentially pays me to work out.

Who are the other people you perform with in the show?

I have two aerial bases that I work with (the base is the person who holds the flyer – me!) My fiancée, Toby J, with whom I perform Double Trapeze, Adagio, Double Lyra and Double Pole; and a close friend, Rony, from Aerial Artistry on the Gold Coast, with whom I perform synchro Lyra and our favourite Aerial Cube act.

Interestingly, Toby also performs and works with Rony’s boyfriend, Shane, and together they own a male entertainment company, Entertain-Hers. All four of us are forever travelling between the Gold Coast and Sydney for rehearsals and business meetings!

Living in different states, is it hard to get together for training?

We are constantly on the lookout for sale airfares and cheap flights! Luckily, we all have very similar personalities and work ethics, so when we do get to see each other, we train really hard.

Because we are exercising so much, we also spend a lot of our time together cooking and eating. Rony has a very strict diet, with limited carbs. The boys tend to load up on ice cream and chocolate, and I’m somewhere in between.

Pole dancing is obviously a great way to keep fit. Why is it so popular?

I think pole is so popular because it is an all over body workout – it encompasses elements of strength training, cardio and also improves your flexibility and overall co-ordination.

Because you are doing body weight exercises, you see results much faster than you would using dumbbells at the gym.

Plus, pole classes are fun! It’s not about doing a certain set of reps; you’re just trying to learn a new move – so you do it over and over again and before you know it you’ve done the equivalent of 20 chin ups! I love my job as a pole instructor, because in addition to the health benefits and improvement in my students’ body shapes, I also get to witness a huge improvement in their body confidence.

You and your performance partner took your act to Australia’s Got Talent. What was this experience like?

Toby J and I made it to the Semi Finals of Australia’s Got Talent this year. We created a new act/apparatus, which was a combination of pole and trapeze (Pole-eze? Trapole?) Sadly, we didn’t make it through to the finals, but we were so excited to have what we love to do featured on national television!

How dangerous is performing … have you ever suffered any injuries?

Little aches and pains are part of the job. Ironically however, a lot of our injuries tend to come from mundane every day activities (Toby strained his neck last week drying off after a shower!) Aerial work is inherently dangerous – we perform acrobatic manoeuvres quite high (up to 8 metres in the air – it doesn’t help that I’m afraid of heights) and we don’t use any kind of nets or safety mats.Communication is vital between myself and my partners. We’ve little signals that we use to let the other know they’re safe.

Describe the show you’ll be presenting at the Glasshouse … 

Polesque at the Glasshouse has an all-female cast, including the reigning Miss Pole Dance Australia – Cleo The Hurricane. I will be performing a solo pole act, as well as duo Lyra and Aerial Cube act with Rony. I try to have a strong character and story through my pole dancing – I believe it’s not what you do on a pole, but how you do it.

Where to from here for you? 

Toby and I travel a lot – we are contracted to Sexpo here in Australia as well as South Africa, and we usually get a few months a year teaching, performing and judging pole competitions around Europe and the UK. We’ve got some local trips coming up – Miss Pole Dance Victoria in Melbourne and Summer Pole Camp on the Gold Coast, as well as two big pole/aerial conventions in the UK, where we will be guest performing and instructing.

Thanks Suzie Q.
Interview by Jo Atkins.

This story was published in issue 80 Greater Port Macquarie Focus

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